Tyler’s Kids Outreach

Mentorship Program – Tyler Polumbus

Tyler PolumbusThrough Tyler’s Kids Outreach (TKO), Tyler and Liz Polumbus strive to enrich the lives of children through family, faith and personal growth. Tyler is a homegrown success story of Denver, so starting his program here is that much more meaningful to him. From their own upbringing, both Liz and Tyler fully appreciate the importance of all three elements – family, faith and personal growth – in the healthy development of children. Moreover, Tyler realizes that through his program the children will enrich their lives as much as they will theirs. He sums it up best when he says, “’Growing Strong Together’ fits our program because this will be a growing process for everyone involved – Liz, the kids and I! We are very excited about TKO!

Entering his third year in the NFL and having a strong foundation of community work from working with the Broncos Community Relations department, Tyler feels ready to take the next step by starting his own program. To do so, he and Liz have created Tyler’s Kids Outreach (TKO, a program under the 501 (c)(3) umbrella of Athletes for Education which is a San Diego-based non-profit foundation. They have big plans for the first year of their program and for years to come. So watch out Denver…here comes TKO! We’re going to Knock you Out in 2010!