Gremlin’s Kids

Gremlin’s Kid’s Program

Danny MartinezDanny “The Gremlin” Martinez has started a non-profit program to benefit kids in the South Bay area; Gremlin’s Kids”. Taking a Stand Against Bullying”, an Athletes for Education (AFE) program.

Who is Danny Martinez and why an Anti-Bully Program?

Danny is a professional freestyle fighter in the flyweight division who holds, as of November 2008, a 16-4 record, with his victories spread out evenly between knockouts, submissions and decisions.  Danny wrestled from Jr. High through College.  After college, he was invited to participate in an MMA bought and fell in love with the sport.  Danny “The Gremlin” Martinez is currently a trainer at Alliance Gym in Chula Vista where he is the instructor for Kids MMA, Boxing, and other Martial Arts classes which he loves to teach.  Danny is passionate about training and teaching kids to be the best they can be.  He is not just a dedicated trainer and professional fighter; he also aspires to help kids become stronger physically and emotionally and is committed to helping kids build character, self-confidence, and self–esteem.

“Bullying is everywhere you go, and it makes kids turn away from sports and being confident.  I want to have a kids program where kids can come and be supportive to each other in anything they do”. – Danny Martinez

Danny out in the community – Feaster Elementary

Health and Wellness Day at Feaster March 15-201

Health and Wellness Day at Feaster March 15-201

Danny invited a trainer from Alliance Gym (the gym where Danny trains and teaches) to visit with the kids at Feaster Elementary on March 15th, 2013.

He is teaching the 4th-6th grade students about the importance of exercising and will spend 30 minutes working out with them.

Alliance Gym has given each student in our program a 30 day trial membership to Alliance in an effort to support
the “Health and Wellness” motto of today’s visit!

Gremlins Kids workout with Danny

Gremlins Kids workout with Danny


Gremlin’s Kids Meet and Greet with Danny Martinez
September 21, 2012

Gremlin’s Kids at San Diego Chargers Game
Community Corner

Gremlin’s Kids Anit-Bully
Slogan Contest

Gremlin’s Kids Chalk Art Contest
“What peace means to you”


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