Charging Forward


Charging Forward – Greg Camarillo

Greg CamarilloTo connect professional athletes with middle school student-athletes to encourage consistent effort in the classroom, provide motivation for success, and emphasize the importance of education for the student-athlete

Greg Camarillo’s “Charging Forward for Academic and Athletic Success” works with teachers, coaches, and students throughout California to identify and reward student athletes who have put forth a consistent effort in the classroom and in their respective athletic arena. Student-athletes will be rewarded for their hard work on and off the field. The rewards (e.g. trips to college and professional games, signed paraphernalia, participating in my sports camps, school visits from professional athletes) are used to generate motivation for continued success.

Charging Forward is most active in Compton and East Palo Alto, California. These are communities that have long suffered from poverty, gangs, violence, drugs and under-funded schools. Many of the youth in these communities turn to sports as an alternative to life on the streets. Charging Forward strives to reinforce the importance of achieving in both academics and athletics as a means of overcoming the harsh realities of the inner city. Most of these children have never had the opportunity to interact with professional athletes. Charging Forward provides that opportunity for school children to meet exemplary professional athletes who highlight the importance of education in achieving one’s dreams.

Charging Forward works directly with Vanguard Learning Center, a middle school in Compton Unified School District, and East Palo Alto Academy to reward student-athletes who have dedicated themselves to achieving academic and athletic success. Meeting successful professional athletes will further motivate these young student-athletes to overcome the hurdles in their community through education and athletics.

Stay tuned for updates about Charging Forward events in both Compton and East Palo Alto!  Keep up the amazing work Greg and we wish you the best as you embark on your new season with the Minnesota Vikings.