Battle For Success

Tra’s Battle for Success Foundation 
”Achieving success one battle at a time”

Tra BattleTra Battle has collaborated with Athletes for Education to create a foundation dedicated to enhancing the general quality of life for the less privileged and to encourage their active participation in conquering life’s battles and challenges.  Not wanting to limit the scope of his charitable work, Tra has focused his efforts on all age groups in the local San Diego community, working in elementary schools and convalescent homes alike.

Tra’s Battle for Success Foundation, established in 2007, strives to be instrumental in helping people to achieve their goals. Tra understands that through the course of one’s lifetime certain battles and difficulties may present themselves and that with the proper guidance, motivation and support everyone has the ability to triumph over these roadblocks. Tra has a vision of influencing the manner in which people approach difficulties and a belief that no battle is too small or too large to be overcome.

Tra is quick to point out that the road to the NFL was not an easy one for him, and that he had to prevail over personal battles of his own to accomplish his dreams.  During his high-school and college years, the 175 lbs that he carries on his 5’11” frame were consistently scrutinized and he was deemed too small to be a football player.  Regardless of this criticism, he attended the University of Georgia (without an athletic scholarship), and this young walk-on went on to receive multiple awards for his level of play and dedication to the game and the team.

Now a San Diego Charger, Tra is using his stature as a pro-athlete to lend credence and authenticity to his charitable efforts.  Tra is thankful that the high-profile atmosphere of the NFL gives him a stronger more powerful voice when it comes to helping the less fortunate.

Tra has one very important role model in his life, Tonya, his mother… the most “strong, determined and spiritual” woman he has ever met. Tra credits her with teaching him the value of helping others and the importance of respect. Tra stills remembers his mother instilling in him as a child, that “respect is not given it is earned.” Perhaps it is his mother’s voice that drives him to succeed and excel at everything he does as Tra is not personally motivated by money or recognition… rather it is the sense of fulfillment and community involvement that inspire him. Tra’s dedication to his community is even reflected in his foundation’s logo, which was designed for him by Amanda Alcantara, an 8 th grader at St. Michael’s School.

Tra’s volunteer efforts currently include: feeding the homeless with Dick Lewis, Director of Security of the Chargers, visiting local schools to speak about the effects of gang involvement and bullying, partnering with Great Communities to brighten the lives of sick children, and singing in the Time Out Band at convalescent homes.

To sponsor Tra’s Battle for Success Foundation, please call 619-654-7039. Athletes for Education is a San Diego based 501(c) (3) non-profit dedicated to the goal of “Helping Our Youth Help Themselves.”